Elegant background slideshow. Check out a working example at:


Browser support

All modern browsers and IE11+ are supported.


  1. Include bgzy.css.
  2. Include bgzy.js.
  3. Initiatie bgzy.

Simple initiation


Different transitions

    ["img/bg1.jpg", "fadeOut"],
    ["img/bg2.jpg", "zoomFadeOut"],
    ["img/bg3.jpg", "slideLeft"]


Option Default Description
autoplay true Whether to start the slideshow when the page loads.
timeout 3000 The time(miliseconds) to wait before switching to a new background.
fx fadeOut Transition to use when switching backgrounds. Possible values are: fadeOut, slideUp, slideLeft and fadeZoom.
fxDuration 500 Duration(miliseconds) of a transition.
showTicker false Displays the ticker at the top of the page. Either true or false.
backgroundClass bg CSS class name of the background elements. Do not change if you don't know what you are doing.
wrapperClass bgzy CSS class name of the wrapping element which contains the backgrounds. Do not change if you don't know what you are doing.
zIndex -9999 Makes sure the background elements are rendered behind all elements on a page. Only edit if backgrounds appear above other elements within your page.

Changing options

    timeout: 5000,
    showTicker: true


Method Returns Description
play - Starts the slideshow. This enables autoplay.
stop - Stops the slideshow.
next - Go to the next background image. This disables autoplay.
prev - Go to the previous background image. This disables autoplay.

Accessing the methods

// Make sure you already have initialized bgzy.js before calling any API methods.;